ENERGY-MACHINE Fremtidens energi


Forureningsfri - uafhængig af vind, vand, varme - alsidig og vedvarende

Energy machine can solve the world's problems

A motor finally a motor that supplies energy on-site as a fuel engine,

becomes the planet's new source of energy.

Danes have developed an energy-producing machine that neither

uses fuel, oxygen, or pollutes, air, and environment,


By Bodil Stoltenberg



The energy machine can solve the world's problems with oil and pollutant oil pollution, says Tinus Kristensen, who completed a continuous testing of the energy machine a year ago.


He has worked on the idea since the energy crisis started for about 38 years ago, and the machine is a further development of previous work.


Obvious and natural

The system is stable and man-made. It is based on renewable green energy,


According to Tinus Kristensen, the energy machine can be used by both ordinary households and giant and large-scale companies.

Both for heating and for the production of electricity - as well as all transport.


In the long term, the machine will create millions of jobs because it is manufactured by both small and larger units, refueling is not a part of it. An innovation more of the very big within the green energy.



Revolution i energiens og fysikkens verden.


Klar til produktion eller salg.


Udviklet af Tinus Kristensen, fhv. indehaver af TK Formstål, Aarhus













































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