ENERGY-MACHINE Fremtidens energi


Forureningsfri - uafhængig af vind, vand, varme - alsidig og vedvarende



Revolution i energiens og fysikkens verden.


Klar til produktion eller salg.


Udviklet af Tinus Kristensen, fhv. indehaver af TK Formstål, Aarhus

Nyt fra TK

I am looking for machine factory, to klodens new energy source, commissioning and production


America Japan China

Offered to manufacture this machine that is pollution-free.


Thanks to Google for great goodwil on 10 pages, thanks from energy-machine.dk

One hope is that this advertisement helps save

human life and provide better living conditions and fewer diseases.

Same with our planet.


If I won green millions in the lottery I would use them for newspaper ads.

Large newspaper ads




Machine factory

Are you interested in www.energy-machine.dk

Please send your mail thanks. Selected on completely unheard of terms

with warranty and contract. + T K testament to machine factories

according to contract.

Tinus Kristensen


The composition of the machine is an eternal system in human time, which does not tolerate equation

with something else. Energyemaskiner.dk is considered 200 years ahead of current energy sources

and research.

I regret that news media does not inform their readers and viewers of the biggest news for 100 years.

look back see pollution and development through 100 years

Quote with a death of 4.5 million people per year in recent years.


The fuel engine and anything else that uses fuel is so violent a heat and oxygen pollution

that the nature says stop.

Result 4.5 million deaths per year, as well as much nature has been damaged.

Machine factories in the 3 countries offered the creation of patent and work.

please send your email address to



We can now find pollution in the sea and in the life of the sea

pollution in our drinking water,

T K can rightly tell the pollution continues.


 America Japan China machine factories 20 years of production work is offered.



The world's greatest good

to all people


A small purchase price for machine factories.

T K testamenterer according to contract after

10 years ceases buyer payout, and T K will certify

assetsto buyer,orbuyers,machine organizations

would like the same rights are contract the

same, property consists of real estate and auto

according to the contract.


Tinus Kristensen




America Japan China

Become the world's leading energy nations if the ir machine plants want

to product energy machine.dk for the next 20 years, and patent.

Whose this is not desired is offered to other nations production and patents.

CONTACT tk@energy-machine.dk

website www.energy-machine.dk

 Tinus Kristensen


Lektor Marianne Glasius

Significant savings for society of around 2-3 billion DKK annually until 2030

Milliard savings in health costs for less air pollution

Quote end

Universities in America Japan China give a hand

It is assumed that Energi-maskin.dk will appear at the same rate as mobile telephony.

Nature and death's speech determines determines.


www. energy-machine.dk. tk@energy-machine.dk


Nekolas Tesla´s efterfølger, kontakt søges

med Tesla og bestyrelse.


Machine factories are offered. 20 years of production work.

Energy-maskine.dk is considered 200 years ahead of the present

energy sources and research.

Can also be manufactured in hard plastic like small engines a major subject to the plastic

industry in the 3 countries

as well as LEGO. There is also a big subject for children.

a dollegrin in plastic mini model heat-free motor.

LEGO also see the website.


CONTACT tk@energy-machine.dk

website www.energy-machine.dk

Tinus Kristensen


The world's new pollution free fuel free oxygen free environment free energy source.

Believe if you want there is a different energy source than the 3 old wind water heating,

as the ancient law of physics offers.


TK confirms that it is not an invention, it is a further development of previous work.



God sommer ferie til alle. d 27- 6 - 2018

Kun seriøse mail besvares.

Tinus Kristensen


T K s Green energy Engine

A cleaner world.T K s Engine

A cleaner world that pollution forces us to.


A reasonable calculation of the many millions of engines to be manufactured.

Future energy source

Number of machines expected to be manufactured by 2030


offer to manufacture. + transportation and more

When contracts have been signed, production starts


America 300 million people, 700 million machines. nvironment free motor.+ More

Amerika be offered self to manufacture.


Japan 127,450. million population, 382.5 million motor. + More

Japan be offered self to manufacture.


China 1,357, miliarder 3 machines 4071 motor. + More

China be offered itself to manufacture.


A world news af format has come to stay.

This engine, pollution free, fuel free, oxygen free, environment free,

This engine can be used directly as traction for all types of energy.

This engine can be used to pull all types of generators,

for power supply.

After the holidays come

man's greatest good.

America Japan China

The hot summer

The world's energy is now secured with the energy

of man-made eternity

fuel free, pollution free, oxygen free, environment free,

Future Energy Source.



Tinus Kristensen




















































































































































































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