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The ENERGY-MACHINE can solve the worlds problems!

Dane has invented an electricityproducing machine, which neither uses fuel or pollutes

Heating without use of oil. Cars running without petrol. And production af power without pollution.

It sounds like an utopian idea, but it is not, according to Tinus Kristensen. He has developed a machine, which produces energy without polluting or using fuel.

The ENERGY-MACHINE can solve the worlds problems of decreasing oil resources and pollution, tells Tinus Kristensen, who ended his current tests of the ENERGY-MACHINE a year ago.

He has been working with the idea since the energy crisis started about 38 years ago, and the machine is a further development of previous work. Now everything has been worked through and tested, and now the machine - with small changes in the construction - is ready for production.

For the present, the principles of the machine are kept close to Tinus Kristensens chest to avoid his many years' work falling into wrong hands.

Obvious and natural

The system is as natural as windpower. It is based on renewable energy, but it consumes no wind - or heat or water for that matter. It is so obvious and natural, that no one has been able to see it, tells Tinus Kristensen.

The machine needs electric power to start, but once it is running, it consumes nothing.

And, according to Tinus Kristensen, it is usable in both private housekeepings and gigantic and large-scale consumer enterprises.

Both for heating and production of electric current and for all transport.

In search for engine works

Tinus Kristensen is a trained mechanic and lives in Odder. For about 20 years he owned and ran TK Formsteel in Aarhus. With up to six employees the firm manufactured knives from HHS steel for the woodworking industry.

Tinus Kristensen har reached an age, which means that he himself is not able to be in charge of the production of the Energymachine. That is why he wishes contact with industries in Amerika Japan  Kina.

In the long term the ENERGY-MACHINE will create millions of jobs, because it is produced from both small and bigger parts, tells Tinus Kristensen.

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